Transparent job market and killing the rejection? MoBerries achieves that with AI I #StartupTourEcosystem

Introducing startups from Startup Tour Berlin ecosystem today we’ve interviewed Mo Moubarak, the founder of MoBerries – an Artificial Intelligence solution revolutionizing the modern HR market. MoBerries made it to the list of top 5 Berlin startups to watch in 2018. The platform aims to connect the world’s professionals through a transparent job market. The AI-driven hiring platform connects talent with companies through an interactive neural network. Today, MoBerries’ partner network consists of over 200+ partner companies exchanging talent on demand.

Is MoBerries the Next Big Thing for the HR market?

Mo: I strongly believe there is no such thing as new ideas. Just people who innovate and improve on existing concepts. Business is all about how you do something better.

What we are doing is creating a scalable model behind what people have been doing with their personal networks since forever. You recommend someone for a role because in your mind you have determined this to be a match and you are willing to put your name behind it because you believe in it.

Candidates spend 3-6 weeks on average in the interview process. A great level of feedback data is generated and with traditional models, nothing happens with it. With us, if the candidate opts in, we know that they are motivated and actively looking thus we take the feedback as to why they were not hired and add this as an extra layer of data to their CV, which helps to streamline getting them matched to the right company.

For HR Managers, we are a sourcing tool for active candidates. No longer do you post your job description on a Job board and pray you get profiles. You no longer have to have calls with Recruiters regarding why you rejected a candidate but input the feedback into a system which will adjust the searches to your behavior.

What I love about what we do is that we are killing the rejection. As employer branding becomes more of a hot topic we are a direct way of showing your applicants that you care about them and are willing to help them. We have had companies reject a candidate but due to their positive experience have hired them later.


What makes the platform different from the competitors?
What makes MoBerries different is that we are creating something different – not just another job board or a career site. We focus, just like a sports agent, on getting you to the best situation and utilizing our system to understand what makes you unique and understand your motivation.

It is a real recommendation engine based on neural network science. The platform gets smarter the more you interact with candidates. What makes us different is our culture of putting candidates first by focusing on people we know are actively looking for jobs. We are able to give our partners a live snapshot of the real HR marketplace, by mapping and understanding the interactions between hiring managers and candidates, how salaries are changing, what positions are most in demand and which sectors are the hottest. We understand the market supply and demand factors while providing direct feedback to all parties involved.

While our competitors get caught up with PPC (click models) or Job boards, we are building out a unique channel. Many constantly try to compete by copying our model. However, they do not have the commitment to constantly optimize the sharing within the network. An example, one of our partners, Appromoters, has saved up to 60% on their cost of hiring by being part of the network.

Lastly, we build features not only for our company side but also for the candidates. Being so close and active with both sets of stakeholders and seeing how they are interacting on a daily basis, allows us to be very agile for our community. This does not just refer to features but also acquiring companies our candidates would like to see featured, as well as key partnerships for their personal development.

How do you monetize the platform? 

Mo: The company partners pay an annual fee to utilize our service. The candidates do not pay anything.
This includes no hiring fees for successful hires. Furthermore, the more candidates you share within the network, the faster & more accurate the system becomes at generating you new results which also decreases your cost per JD as you are awarded credit by the system.

What about the Federal Data Protection Law?

Mo: We are fully compliant with data laws as all candidates must opt-in on their own. Also, we are fully in line with the European standards for data protection. We are currently on our second GDPR audit to make sure we are constantly up to date with the newest regulations.

What is your motivation?

Mo: Our motivation is to create the best candidate experience ever.
We want anyone, no matter their age, gender or ethnicity to not only feel accepted but that they can also grow a career.

We want to fundamentally change the way talent is looked at. The reason why athletes can negotiate better contracts as they progress in their careers is due to the market providing honest, direct data and feedback as to what they are worth and who they are in the job market. We want to empower everyone to challenge themselves to be the best version of themselves. If people see as a society we take their growth and progression into consideration we will only make the job market more competitive for everyone. Do not just accept the job because you need it but because you want it and it is fulfilling to you.

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