Startup Tour Berlin presents the most innovative startups from its ecosystem at DTIM (Disruptive Technologies & Innovation Foresight Minds) conference 

On 19th February 2018 Dr. Bastian Halecker, CEO of Startup Tour Berlin, held a session devoted to innovative startups focusing on disruptive technologies at DTIM conference in Berlin. The companies taking part in the conference applied Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain and new technologies in Consulting, Food Tech, HR, and other industries.  

The startups’ representatives pitched their projects in a very dynamic pace and have received a lot of feedback and questions on the interactive platform PigeonHole. Because of the lack of time for a proper Q&A session, we would like to publish the comments and questions later answered by the participants online.

On the picture (from left to right): Jan Schnitker (is it fresh GmbH), Falco Schuett (Next Big Thing AG), Sven Forgber (How I Like), Martin Michenfelder (How I Like), Dr. Bastian Halecker (Nestim GmbH, Startup Tour Berlin), Christin Schäfer (acs plus AG), Martin Micko (SearchInk), Tim Vogelsang (Octorank), Franka Birke (METR). 

On the picture (from left to right): Jan Schnitker (is it fresh GmbH), Falco Schuett (Next Big Thing AG), Sven Forgber (How I Like), Martin Michenfelder (How I Like), Dr. Bastian Halecker (Nestim GmbH, Startup Tour Berlin), Christin Schäfer (acs plus AG), Martin Micko (SearchInk), Tim Vogelsang (Octorank), Franka Birke (METR). 

METR Building Management Systems founded by Franka Birke and Maité Zubeldia provides physical and virtual infrastructures that enable new business models and applications in the field of smart building automation and smart home.  

– Sehr klarer case 👍

– Go ahead, stick to open standards, no nest, no Alexa, crowdsource! 

– App Store für wohnungswirtschaft klingt super!

– Endlich mal ein konkretes Produkt. Habe ich verstandenFinde ich gut. 

– Good pitch. Any MVP / Proof of Concept resp City using it yet?  

METR: Proof of Concept: successful pilots at one housing company and one measurement service provider. Delivery of the first gateways on the 20th February. 

– Metr seems solid! Wo pays for the extra Costs? Is it extra Costa on top of Rent? 

METR: The housing company pays for the gateways (= IoT infrastructure of the building). As soon as we have introduced the app store for the tenants, the tenant pays a small monthly fee for using the apps. The METR App Store allows tenants to browse and download apps and services developed by METR and in partnership with third party suppliers. 

– Welche Funkstandards werden unterstützt?  

METR: Aktuell sind es OMS, M-Bus, wireless M-Bus, QundisAMR, wifi. Zukünftig auch LoRa, zigbee, z-wave 

acs plus UG founded by Christin Schäfer in 2016 supports its clients in creating data solutions from the design to the first creation of a prototype towards production, offering services from data advisory to data analytics and machine learning.   

– Go!!! acs plus go!!!  

 Whats Special, whats your USP? 

acs plus: Focus on solutions of the problem at hand in a pragmatic and adequate way. It might be, that the creation of a data model makes the trick, that a data visualization already solves the question, but it could also be the case, that we need to train a neural net with deep learning architecture.  acs plus’ solution space is not restricted to pure data modelling, or data analytics, nor machine learning. We love and use them all.   

– Machine learning nur ein Hype?  

acs plus:  Machine Learning ist eine Technik zur induktiven Interferenz aus Daten, die aktuell wesentlich zu den Fortschritten im Bereich Narrow AI beiträgt. Sie wird auch dann noch relevant sein, wenn der aktuelle Hype beendet ist. Vielleicht mit einem neuen Namen. 

is it fresh GmbH founded by Jan Schnitker and Alexey Yakushenko in 2017 digitalizes food packaging and introduces freshness monitoring into every single package using advanced printed electronics technologies and functional nanomaterials.

– Are the chips manufactured in-house? Full control of ID? How do you address serialization?  

is it fresh: Yes, the chips are manufactured in-house and that gives us full control. Each chip features a unique ID.   

 Are textile applications also possible? 

is it fresh: Yes, textile applications would be definitely possible.   

– How is the quality control exactly executed?  

is it fresh: The tags measure in-situ freshness parameters (product specific), which are aggregated and sent back to the user.   

– What’s your advantage to the Big Fish in the market?  

is it fresh: Our NFC-enabled chip platforms offer a very wide range of sensing capabilities for which there is no known competitor on the market to the best of our knowledge.   

SearchInk founded in 2015 offers AI-based smart process automation for all kinds of businesses. Thanks to the most advanced developments in Deep Learning, SearchInk solution extracts and semantically connects the relevant data contained in highly diversified document streams. Employees & organizations are able to jump straight to the decision-making steps instead of spending time on manual data entry & administrative tasks.

– Klingt nach sehr großem Potenzial! 

– Good use case, with AI can you ensure 100% Quality and not only 99%. 

– Problem klar beschrieben – Klingt nach sehr großem PotenzialAnwendungsbeispiel?  

SearchInk: Im Versicherungsbereich sind die Anwendungsbeispiele Schadensfall (Claims) Management oder Polizzenextraktion zur Portfolioumdeckung. Darüber hinaus gibt es Use Cases im Bereich Ordermanagement (also Bestellanfragen und Bestellungen unterschiedlichster Kunden) oder für die Verarbeitung von Logistikdokumenten.
– Referenzkunden?  

SearchInk: Diese können gerne bei Bedarf genannt werden.

– OCR AI? What’s new? Your USP?  

SearchInk: OCR extrahiert alleinig Text ohne Aussage über den semantischen Inhalt zu liefern. SearchInk „versteht“ den Inhalt und liefert bei der Extraktion somit das Label (z.B. Name, Vertragsnummer, etc.) und den extrahierten Wert und dies aus einer Fülle von Dokumenten die ähnliche Strukturen aufweisen aber nicht ident sind.

how I like founded by Sven Forgber and Martin Michenfelder offers companies an instant catering service providing their employees with fresh food right within their office. Fresh meal combos, salads, sandwiches, wraps, dessert and drinks made by professional chefs, nationally and internationally experienced producers and innovative startups. An intelligent refrigerator gives customers a chance to buy everything fresh, cashless, 24/7 per day and 365 days a year. How I Like is currently being tested by companies located in Berlin and Brandenburg. Meine Mitarbeiter wollen fettiges ungesundes Standard Essen aus Pappschachteln. Mit gesundem Essen werden sie schon zu Hause gequält.

-Was sucht ihr? 

how I like: Als junges Startup sind wir besonders auf der Suche nach erfahrenen Partnern/Kooperationen in den Bereichen smart Hardware (white good manufacturing), Logistik und smart Software solutions.  

 Mikrowellennahrung statt Lieferservice?  

how I like: Wir versuchen den Mitarbeitern und Firmen eine breite Range von Möglichkeiten zu bieten, sich innerhalb der Firmen gut ernähren zu können. Von Mikrowellen fähigen Convenience Produkten wie Suppen und kombinierbaren Mahlzeiten bis hin zu frischen Sandwiches, Wraps, Salaten und Snacks. Wir verstehen uns als Plattform für eine smarte, gesunde Ernährung direkt am Arbeitsplatz.

Octorank founded by Tim Vogelsang in 2016 allows its users to announce calls for submissions and manage their dealflow. Octorank uses peer rating, data analysis and cloud experts.  

– What is your USP? 

Octorank: “Einfach. Schlau. Bewertet.” Keine andere Innovationssoftware macht komplexe Bewertungsverfahren so kinderleichtin der Benutzung und valide im Resultat.

– Warum sollten die startups ihr know-how mit Vattenfall teilen 

Octorank: Startups bewerben sich mit grundlegenden Eckdaten auf Kooperationen mit unseren Auftraggebern (z.B. Vattenfall), und es gibt echte Vorteile für sie, z.B. Marktzugang, ein Corporate-Referenzkunde oder Finanzierung.

– Habt ihr ein Ökosystem? 
Octorank: Ja, wir haben ein Ökosystem aus Multiplikatoren (Organisationen, Medien, Ambassadors), sowie ein Netzwerk an Entrepreneuren und Kreativen.

– Gibt es das nicht 40x schon?  

Octorank: Nein. Es gibt bereits einige Innovationsplattformen am Markt, die Ideation-Prozesse abbilden. Doch macht andere Innovationssoftware komplexe Bewertungsverfahren so kinderleicht in der Benutzung und valide im Resultat.

 Next Big Thing AG founded by Harald Zapp,  Michael Bommer, and Maik Käbisch in 2016 offers a complete framework for the acceleration of IoT ventures. NBT is an operational VC, technology provider, and innovation partner made up of a strong team of business architects, technology experts, and experienced founders. 

– IoT und KMU – guter Ansatz, aber nicht auch widersprüchlichStichwort: deutsche  Entwicklungsgeschwindigkeit   

– What’s your product? 

As an IoT company builder, we create and accelerate ventures. Essentially, NBT offers two ‘products’: an Entrepreneur in Residence Program and Corporate Partnerships. Through our unique venture design process, we combine these two product elements with in-house IoT technological expertise, enabling disruptive innovation across industries. We currently have ventures in healthcare, energy, prop-tech, logistics, agriculture, and blockchain technology – with weeve as a primary example of our venture empowering token economies. Our prop-tech venture, METR, brings smart metering to housing complexes, as presented at DTIM.

– Was ist der USP? 

NBT combines the best aspects of an incubator, accelerator, and operational VC. We provide seed funding, mentorship, business expertise, and technological competence in IoT and blockchain. As Germany’s IoT Hub, we form the center of a strategic European ecosystem connecting industries, policy-makers, and research institutions. By utilizing market reach and industry knowledge from corporates, entrepreneurial drive, startup agility, and in-house tech teams, we improve services around the data from IoT devices. Our core pillars are security, price, zero configuration (ease of use), and emotion. 

 – IoT is everywhere – at least as a concept. Considering how much damage is done over the Internet already (cyber crime), how are we going to handle increased threats in an interconnected world? 

Cybersecurity will gain increasing importance in the future because things or devices will generate more value and have to become the points of trust – carrying valuable information such as private keys, IDs, or hardware wallets. Consequently, we work on strengthening all the technological layers of the IoT world – starting from the hardware (the physical layer), throughout the boot and operating systems, over the protocols and the cloud architectures, while complying with the latest security and data privacy standards. 


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