Make your hangover work for you: Tarek Mandelartz and his Venture Camp project

We talked to Tarek Mandelartz, founder of “BEFORE”, a company that produces an anti-hangover drink based on natural ingredients. As its name implies, the drink should be consumed before drinking or going to sleep. BEFORE is rich in vitamins and other hangover-curing ingredients support one’s body during the detoxication process.

How did you discover Venture Camp?

I met the founder Bastian Halecker a year before the Venture Camp program when I participated in one of his Startup Tours as a founder of Berlin juice factory Safterei. We got along very well, and Bastian gave me the opportunity to participate in the Venture Camp program to make our dream come true.

Can you tell us about your project and its realization?

For a long time, me and my friends, Sekina Mandelartz and Marco Brietz, have been thinking about “the morning after” problem. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to be night owls and still be fit the next morning.

Finally, at Venture Camp, we had the chance to work together with chemists and doctors to create the “BEFORE” recipe. We were mentored by food- and pharmaceutical-industry experts. The mentoring helped us to develop a product that was safe to use and had the desired anti-hangover effect. We’ve received the funding we needed for the product development and were supported by a whole team of industry experts, marketers, designers, and developers.

What was the toughest part in starting the venture?

It was a hard to find a manufacturer that could produce a quality product and handle the packaging and shipment at the same time. But we have managed to find a good supplier, in the end.

Summarizing, what have you achieved during the program?

The goal of starting a company in 50 days was a great challenge that motivated me a lot. We have made and presented our concept, developed a pitch deck, worked out financial planning, created a corporate identity, produced a first prototype, found an social institution which we want to support with future earnings to help alcohol victims and signed a letter of intent. The speed of our team has really exceeded my expectations.

What are your impressions of Nestim and Venture Camp?

I like Nestim’s huge network and the solution-oriented way of thinking combined with their MAKE-approach. The family-like atmosphere in the co-working space is great too.