How I Like brings smart fridges to companies to raise nutritional awareness

Today we talked with our new Venture Camp participants Sven Forgber and Martin Michenfelder, the founders of How I Like – a smart fridge platform for offices that is now being successfully tested in Berlin and Brandenburg regions. 

What is the functionality of the How I Like platform?  

The idea of the platform is to give people a place and a chance for healthy lunchtimes. We implement the Smart Fridge technology into our clients’ offices, take care of all the technology, food supplies, and the card-based payment system. We have a B2B2C business model – we partner with companies to achieve our mutual goal – the healthy nutrition infrastructure at work.  

What are the advantages of using How I Like for employers and employees? 

Employees receive fresh food at their workplace: they don’t have to think about their meal in advance and can make their choice, mix, match and combine directly in front of the fridge. We have a wide variety of products and cuisines that will suit every food culture. We are also working on a new financial solution that employees also might like – the companies will be able to cover 1 EUR of each their meal.  

The company owners benefit even more, since there is no more valuable work time wasted on waiting in queues of the supermarkets or restaurants, and their healthier employees don’t take days off because of being sick and increase their productivity. The employees can stay in the office environment all the time and focus on what’s important.  

Both employees and employers are now able to stay in control of their nutrition strategies. With How I Like we help people to go away from the to-go culture by making the food to come to them.  

What are the biggest challenges for you in the Food Tech industry?  

There are still not many people who are able to identify food and tech as one topic. Therefore, we need to create the showcases for our customer to communicate the benefit we can bring them.  

If you include your customers in the decision-making process you can gain many valuable insights and see what really works for them. To succeed, you need to adjust and improve your products by identifying the market need.  

And the best way to communicate to your customers is to let them use your product and feel its benefit, to give them the showcases and prove that your smart solution can really improve their lives.  

What are your plans for 2018? 

Our overall goal is to raise employers’ awareness of the healthy nutrition importance. Nowadays, people have bigger expectations from the companies they work for – the money stops being the only crucial factor, and the real value comes to the working environment. We strongly believe that companies are responsible for creating the necessary infrastructure for their staff to stay competitive and attractive employers. Therefore, we want to build a 21st-century canteen – a smart food solution for smart people. 

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