Berlin-based Food Tech startups  

Nestim is on its way to becoming a company builder in Food Tech. To help our clients and partners to see a broader picture of Berlin startup landscape, we’ve tried to create a list of Berlin-based Food Tech startups divided by 5 categories:  Delivery and Catering services, Products, Cafes & Restaurants, and  Software & other services.


Bear Protein develops healthy and tasty organic insect snacks.

BEFORE is an anti-hangover drink based on natural ingredients.  

Bonaverde is the first coffee machine that cannot only grind and brew, but also roast the coffee.  

Chidos Mushrooms grows mushrooms from bags full of organic coffee waste. 

Crema de Caffe produces an organic coffee-chocolate bread spread.  

CRAZY BASTARD SAUCE is a line of hot sauces cooked in a shop based in Neukölln.  

DÖRRWERK is a sustainable manufactory from Berlin. The company wants to reduce the amount of discarded fruit and vegetables and raise awareness about food waste by producing “fruit paper” – a healthy vegan snack. 

einviertel is a basil-lemon flavoured premium lemonade. 

Evope Nutrition offers a line of protein-based vegan gluten-free products.  

Foodspring offers a line of fitness protein-based products including snacks, drinks, meals and various supplements.  

Florigins  is a vegan and gluten-free probiotic drink with 1 billion live-cultures.  

Fromage Freres brings exclusive cheese specialties directly from French manufacturers to its clients’ houses. The company also produces cheeses and tries to increase transparency in the market by comparing different offers and reviews.  

Gewürzkampagne sells bio-spices delivered directly from field.  

Greenlab Berlin produces organic products for fertilization and plant strengthening. 

Hempstatic is a superfood for drinking – a lemonade containing hemp.  

Karl Karlo is a superfood energy ball-shaped snack. 

koawach produces organic cocoa with guarana powder which is a real alternative to coffee or energy drinks.  

Kulau offers 2 product lines: organic coconut products and organic seaweed products.  

LIMAI is acai-based refreshment drink. 

Mind Cookies contain Guarana, magnesium and other important vitamins supporting better concertation, improving metabolism and immune system.  

NOURi has a mission to make herbs cool again. The first line of its products is a range of functional herbal shots. Each shot contains a powerful blend of herbs that have a proven effect on mind, body & mood. 

Nu3 provides its customers with a variety of protein-based vegan products.  

O’Donnell Moonshine goes back to the old American tradition of producing home-made whiskey. 

olive joy offers virgin olive oil from Greece.  

Popkornditorei Knalle sells handmade popcorn with various flavours 

PerformaNat  Animal Nutrition is focused on the development of innovative feed additives. 

Runtime is the first e-sports nutrition company. Their products help people perform better in sports and everyday life. 

simcopack stands for simple convenient packaging for sandwiches and sweet little cakes. 

Shileo offers healthy and low-calorie analogue of traditional meals by replacing ingredients with konjac noodles and rice.  

TSAMPA sells fried barley, superfoods used by nomads in Himalayas.  

Tummy Love specializes on organic fruit-based baby food.  

Veganz is the brand for plant-based foods. Its products can be also found in supermarkets and drugstores throughout Germany. 

Wholey produces healthy and organic bio-smoothies.  

Cafes & Restaurants

Culinary Misfits are three-legged carrots or voluptuous beets. Vegetables which don’t fit the beauty standards and therefore won’t make it in to a supermarket. Instead they are often wasted. Those are the ingredients the two Designers Lea & Tanja work with.   

Data Kitchen is a digital restaurant which customers schedule when they want their food to appear in the glass box and pay for the food online. 

Haferkater serves porridge with all kinds of toppings and fillings in its two stores in Berlin and one in Köln.  

Good Bank is bringing the farm to the city by integrating productive vertical farms in their restaurant. It also offers catering services.  

SUPERFOODS & ORGANIC LIQUIDS café and shop has 2 locations in Berlin, sells its products online and offers catering services. All its dishes and smoothies include at least one superfood element.  

Delivery services 

Delivery Hero is the leading global online food ordering and delivery marketplace. Together with acquired brands, such as foodorafoodpanda and Lieferheld, it is located at Oranienburger Straße 70.  

GuruCollective delivers meals from various restaurants in Berlin Mitte, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. 

Hellofresh is an international publicly traded meal-kit company. Every week HelloFresh members choose three meals from a selection of award-winning, constantly-changing recipes and get them delivered to their doors.   

Kukimi delivers fresh and ready-to-eat meals right to the customers doors.  

MyDrams delivers samples to create a unique whiskey tasting experience.  

SirPlus is revolutionizing food saving through the Rettermarkt in Berlin, including an online shop and nationwide delivery service, as well as a digital marketplace for surplus food. 

Smunch makes it easier for companies to provide their employees with everyday healthy lunches. The startup designs a balanced menu by partnering with carefully selected food providers and delivers the meals to the offices.  

Try Foods offers its customers an experience of tasting various innovative or exotic food at home and finding their favourite products.  

Catering services 

Caterwings is a marketplace for catering services with an emphasis on convenience, flexibility and on-demand food delivery.  

heycater! is an online platform for ordering quality business catering.  

Lemoncat is a German-wide catering service.  

Paletas provides handmade ice-cream catering.  

Philosoffee is a coffee-based cold brew drink.  

Sektgar offers mobile champagne bar and bar catering services.  

Software & other services

3weine is an app that works a personal wine advisor and recommends (and sells) wines based on users’ preferences.  

ECF aquaponics farm systems runs cost-efficient and resource-saving production of high-quality food. 

Kitchen Stories started as an iOS-based cookbook 2.0 with photo and video recipes and now is expanding to become a large content-sharing platform for food lovers.  

KptnCook is a habit-changing app for recipe discovery. 

Infarm is an urban farming services company that develops farming tech for grocery stores, restaurants, and local distribution centres. 

Mealy shows its users personalized recipes according to their diet and preferences.  

Monitor Fish is an Artificial intelligence powered fish diagnostic tool that helps fish farmers to reduce fish loss while minimizing their operational costs. 

Orderbird is an iPad POS system for the hospitality industry. 

Plantix is a plant disease diagnostic app. 

Smart Cloud Farming is a tool that guides farmers through clear decision stages and presents the likelihood of various farming outcomes.  

Trecker is an independent agricultural software that supports farmers with optimizing costs, working hours and organizing the farms. 

Quandoo is a real-time reservation platform for restaurants. 


Your food startup is not on the map? Tell us, and we will add it to our list.  

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